Jeffrey - CEO

Our CEO has a vision to provide life changing education to all and dreams of changing the trend of education. He believes that true education will empower and elevate people to new heights.

He ensures that there is stability and continuous improvement in the organization. He trains his employees to work with a positive attitude, to reach the goal of the company.

He focuses on creating a friendly environment in the organization and encourages people to build their careers based on what they love to do in life. As a strong believer in faith, he enforces that his team does not resent to challenges, but view them with a constructive attitude and rise above negativity.

Badri - COO

Our COO is the power behind the vision of the company. He has rich experience in handling various businesses and has the expertise in people management. He takes calculative risks and is known for making important decisions in crucial situations.

He believes in the power of ambition and focuses on providing quality education to students. He ensures that the company performs better each day and shares his business experiences to both students and employees.

He has a keen interest in developing the organization as per the changing business environment.


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